Gratitude Flows.

We live in such a fast pace world that sometimes we take things for granted but Today I want to pause and have a moment of Gratitude. Last week I was admitted to have an operation done which I have been putting off simply because of my fear of hospitals, yes I don’t like hospitals…

Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary to us 🥂

Today is our anniversary.❤💍 We celebrate 14 years of marriage today. What a journey it has been! We’ve had many lows, some Incredible highs and shared some memorable moments and none I would change. Today, I love him more than I did 14 years ago. We have grown, levelled up and grown into our own….

Love and Marriage 💍 continues🥂

Love and Marriage. 💍 Today, I will be sharing with you my thoughts on Love and marriage. 🥂 I have been married for 13 years to my husband, Robert Phillips and our marriage has taught me what Love is and how to Love. Let’s start by defining Love. Love. An intense feeling of deep affection….

Love and Marriage 💍

Today we kick off our October Series, Love and Marriage❤🥂 And no better way to start than with my best friend, my favourite person, my love, my husband of 13 years, Robert Phillips. Hi everybody, I have been asked to prepare a piece on Love and Marriage by my wife Simone and it’s kinda daunting….