He turns 15. Happy Birthday Ethan.

Today, 15 years ago we were blessed with our eldest son Ethan Dugan Phillips. We named him, Ethan because of its meaning. It speaks to his character.

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It took him 16 and half hours to show his face, and when he did we were so happy his dad was so proud he cut his umbilical cord. When the nurse place Ethan on my chest I knew I had found love, a never-ending unconditional kind of love. My heart was full.

We watched Ethan grow into an Incredible human being, he has such a gentle spirit, a quiet yet very present energy. He has developed into such a great young man. Pride fills my being when I talk about Ethan or when I hear others talk about him. The first thing most people say when they see or meet Ethan is, he has an infectious smile and simply ooze’s love.

He is our champion, our hero. Happy 15th birthday to an Incredible being, watching you grow has been an absolute joy and parenting you is an absolute privilege.



Continue being you son, don’t change no matter what and remember you are enough, You will always have 5 people supporting and cheering you on, always. You have 5 people who believe in you and will never give up you. We’ve got you, son. 




I love you more than I love myself son. You deserve everything Great, Incredible and breathtaking that this life has to offer. Go and achieve every dream you have. Thank you for being you.



Today, we celebrate you.

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  1. So beautiful. I love you more than I love myself. So perfect. Happy birthday Ethan enjoy life to the fullest


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