I am so excited to have partnered with an incredible brand Bruush, I must be honest the minute I read about this opportunity I knew I had to get onboard. Not only are they an Amazing brand but they’ve partnered with A Reason to Smile (ARTS), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving oral health in developing nations. For every brush head refill we ship, we donate a toothbrush, toothpaste and fluoride treatment to a person in need.


Let me just say, this product is shipped to customers in both Canada and the USA and I thought this would be a problem because I am in South Africa, Samantha Laliberte from BRUUSH did not hesitate to let me know she does not mind shipping one to me and to top it off, normally when something is shipped to me from overseas, I’ve had to wait for more than 2 months but not this time. I provided Sam with my shipping address details on Saturday 11th January 2020 and to my surprise 6 days later, Friday the 17th January 2020 my package was delivered. This is the kind of service which most brands lack.

Now, lets review the product.

I am an absolute sucker for packaging. Packaging tells me a lot about a brand and boy did I get the message loud and clear with Bruush packaging. I choose black as my colour preference and my is it absolutely beautiful, eye catching and you need not get anything extra, it is all there ready for you to use and to enjoy. I got the black version for this hands-on review. I really love the packaging box that comes in all-black in matt finish that embraces subtle logo print in the middle which also comes in black. Stunning.

Opening the box, I get a all-black electric toothbrush, professionally designed with 6 cleaning modes to effectively clean your teeth and tongue for healthier mouth. Holding it in my hand, I can feel the soft matt rubber coated surface. It I not too light and not too heavy. Brüush toothbrush actually comes in fully charged, therefore, you can try it as soon as you open the box.

What Ü get in a kit:

Brüush Electric Toothbrush
+ 3 Brush Heads
+ Magnetic Charging Stand
+ USB Power Adapter
+ Travel Case

Colour Options: I will be honest, I have never used or had an electric toothbrush so this was my first time and boy oh boy is my mind blown. WOW. Your colour options are black, white and pink.

Product Features: This toothbrush has an adjustable option one can use. It has six powerful cleaning modes: daily, white, gentle, gum, max, and tongue, each one delivers enough pressure that you need to clean your teeth effectively, and the brush vibrates differently for each cleaning mode to ensure the best results. The toothbrush leaves you with the decision. The battery life is Industry leading – up to 4 weeks! You don’t have to carry your charger around when you travel (Absolutely Amazing).


My mind is without a doubt blown. This product is so well-balanced, Great services, Beautiful packaging and the product is without a doubt the best.

What I loved: The different vibration feature when adjusting the brush. It provides me with a deep cleaning and whitening. I battle with sensitive teeth and since I started using bruush my sensitivity has become much more bearable. And the tongue cleaning vibration is amazing, I absolutely it.


Problems/Dislikes I experienced: I just might have 1 problem, just 1. This BRUUSH product could have me brushing my teeth all day long. Lol. The packaging alone had my squad and my husband in absolute awe, saying they each need one each.

The most interesting part of the product is that for $89 USD, it is way more affordable compared to other products of its category. Brüush offers free shipping to US and Canada, which is awesome, order yours here:

Thank you, Sam and BRUUSH for the opportunity to not only review your product but to also now be the proud owner of a BRUUSH electric toothbrush.


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