What childhood baton are you handing over to your children?

Looking back at my childhood, I had a lot of my parents batons handed over to me, and as a child you don’t realize you carry these batons with you into adulthood, into your relationships whether it is good or bad. You sub-consciously carry them with you. Now, as a child there isn’t much you […]

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Keeping your finger on the pulse!

We all know parenting ain’t easy. Not at all. Try raising a squad! Here Rob and I thought the toddler years are over, and we finally get to catch our breath. Lol, that’s not how it goes. Just as we wanted to take our foot off the pedal, boom. We have teenage sons. Boom our […]

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Yes, someone is officially a teenager! Its the BIG 1 3.. Whoop Whoop. Our second eldest son, Micaiah Kethan Phillips AKA The Mix turns 13 today. Yes, 13 already. Today 13 years ago God blessed us with a son who is strong, caring, loving, confident, knows what he wants and so centered. When we found […]

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Is your creativity in a knot?

Creativity expands our perceptions and along with expanded perceptions come new ways from creating an exceptional design when you don’t know how to. With the global pandemic we find ourselves in, does not mean your creativity needs to stop. Being creative gives us opportunities to try out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and […]

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