2021, the year most of us counted down because of how 2020 turned out to be. But 2021 has started off with alarming numbers of infections and deaths here in South Africa. As much as we want to ignore what is happening around us, we must understand this is our reality and by us ignoring […]

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2020, the year that will be recorded in the history books.

31.12.2020. A day most of us are happy to see, the ending of a year that has really turned our lives upside down. Who would’ve thought in the beginning of this year that our lives would be turned completely upside down? 2020, A year we would like to forget but never will because we experienced […]

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Friday 18.12.2020, Robert and I celebrated 15 years of marriage and instead of having the normal get together, we decided to give back. We were overwhelmed by the amount of people who actually wanted to hear our story, people were booking their tickets, even reserving their seats. We hosted our first event as the 11 […]

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Sibling rivalry

Today I thought I would write a post on something that I experienced as a child, and I am so intentional about my kids not experiencing it. Sibling rivalry. What exactly is it? What is sibling rivalry? Sibling rivalry describes the ongoing conflict between kids raised in the same family. It can happen between blood-related […]

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